Enhanced security and control benefits boost productivity for Deltec operations.

Located in the Bahamas, Deltec Limited has been trusted for generations to exceed client expectations by anticipating their financial needs and providing avenues that can protect and grow their wealth.

Deltec has a team of over 80 multilingual professionals providing an exceptional service  over more than 60 years, to  multi-national clients in over 75 countries, which is personalised and tailored to clients' individual needs.

Audit capabilities win out Deltec needed to demonstrate compliant working practices and tight data controls. Quantios gave them a system rich audit history and security.
Control built in Deltec uses Quantios to capture, store and manage all client entities. Quantios ensures correct data is captured within the workflow with predefined steps for client managers to follow.
Collaboration key to success Quantios and Deltec worked closely starting with a detailed planning phase and used an agile methodology allowing for quick deliver and value realisation.
Training for all levels of user Deltec took full advantage of Quantios's training support, which combined onsite training, remote and one to one sessions where specific questions or challenges could be answered.

months to deliver fully operational system


workflows set up


support available

"We worked extremely closely with the Quantios project team to realise the opportunity to bake real business value in from Day One."

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