Bold, modern, precise. 

Since TrustQuay and Viewpoint merged in May 2023, we've been working diligently to create a unified global brand. Over the past year, we've engaged extensively with our customers, employees, and partners to truly understand the essence of our business. This collaborative effort has shaped the new brand you see today.

Our unique name reflects the rich history and heritage of both organisations. By blending the best of both, we have positioned ourselves as the true industry champion for the trust and corporate services sector. 

Breaking down Quantios 

  • The prefix Quant = data, volume, scale.
  • The suffix ios = reliability, quality, connection.
  • Quantios is a universal name, its global sound reflects our international footprint and our fit with a diverse, global customer base. 

Paul White

Group Chief Marketing Officer

"This is not just a new label and a set of logos, it's a trust mark for the industry and one that will travel well globally and be represented in all the jurisdictions in which our customers operate"



Brand guidelines 

To ensure you can align to our new brand, we've produced a set of brand guidelines. Here you'll be able download our logo and get guidance on how best to use the Quantios assets on any material you're producing. 

                                Our brand pillars 

Growth Focussed

Trust us to take care of your complex compliance needs so you can focus on growing your business.​​We give you greater visibility of your business so you can pinpoint the fastest routes to growth anywhere in the world.

Trusted Partner

We guide you how best to use our software to maximise the impact of your investment and minimise execution time.  ​​We adapt our delivery models to your preferred way of working, combining self-service solutions and tailored support options, so you always get the right balance.

Industry Shaping

We understand how the global regulatory landscape works, meaning we are on hand to help you move into new markets fast and with confidence.  ​ ​Our commitment to continual product innovation means you always benefit from the best-in-class technology solutions.

Seamless Experience

 We integrate seamlessly into your organisation from day one, remain always available to support you when you need us most. ​ ​We operate at your pace, aligned to your growth strategy, with technology designed to help you as you scale.

The name Quantios is interesting. It immediately says to me this is a company that deals with quantitative solutions and provides insight. I think the brand logo is cool, it reinforces what I think you’re trying to say with the name  and the angle providing a focal point.  I would be happy with this new brand"  COO, Global Trust and Corporate Services providers. 


Our solutions 

Our solutions are built on four key pillars - Back office, data governance, regulatory compliance and client servicing. 

Quantios_Brand Imagery_Landscape_1

Our products 

Quantios technology powered by Microsoft 365 enables automation and the digitalisation of your firm. 

Quantios_Brand Imagery_Landscape_2

Our people 

Our people are what makes Quantios a great place to work. We strive to create a culture of creativity, learning, diversity and opportunity.

Adrian Akers

Adrian Akers 

Chief Product Officer 

"Quantios offers a distinct identity within the sector.  This differentiation and fresh perspective has allowed the team and I to explore further innovation within the product portfolio, and with our new vision and mission a clear strategic direction for product development".